Thursday, June 11, 2009


#162, Los Angeles

I had to cheat in Los Angeles. In that vast land of highways and endless roads, it seemed every number I found was a four-digit number, and this just wasn't flying with my particular Julian calendar. So I did a little creative cropping. (My game, my rules.) I was wondering if anyone would notice. But of course you would. You're smart like that.

I was totally confused by the lack of sidewalks and the where's-the-downtown downtown, but I felt a real affinity for the type on buildings in L.A. Great numbers, there were few, but the artistry and color in the hand-painted signs was great eye candy. Plus, a canary yellow building looks good in a place where the sky is always blue.


GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

The canary yellow change of scenery is so appropriate for Los Angeles. Ditto the off-kilter, on-the-edge orientation of the number.

As for the wee peeking out of number four? Conferred Mel Gibson, "Off with its head!"

Ray Gunn said...

That color yellow is identical to Kenny G-style soprano saxophone. Aren't you glad to know this?

Therese Cox said...

GDP - See? I knew y'all had the eagle eyes out there. Call me an imperfectionist, but Photoshopping that 4th number out felt too much like Botoxing someone's face. LA's got enough fake perfection, don't you think?

Ray - Oh dear. That synesthesia truly is a blessing and a curse, isn't it? Emphasis today on the curse. But seriously? That's kind of hilarious.

Julie said...

KennyG = canary yellow

Really ... I must try to understand. My style of syndrome.