Friday, June 12, 2009


#163, Turtle Bay, NYC

It doesn't matter how true they are, stories about old New York always sound to me like fairy tales. You can be a realist and call this part of town East Midtown, or you can stick to those dubious historical guns and claim you're walking around in Turtle Bay and see how many people look at you like you're crazy when you drop the name in casual conversation.

Take this fact, for instance. This 40 acre parcel of land was given to two Englishmen by the Dutch colonial governor of New Amsterdam. It was once called "Turtle Bay Farm." Perfectly true! Historically documented! And yet it sounds like you just said that Williamsburg was once a magic castle that bred little dragons. No, wait. That's true.

In any case, I like this neck of the woods, if only because it contains my dearly beloved Chrysler Building. I know, loving the Chrysler Building is like being a Yankees fan - it's just too easy - but I have searched high and low for a skyscraper so stunning and shiny and elegant and I haven't found one. I did, however, find this well-weathered 163. Keep an eye out for vertically positioned numbers in your 'hood: they're harder to find than you think.


Patrick said...

I love the Chrysler Building too.

Therese Cox said...

It's kind of like Coca-Cola. Everyone likes it, but that's 'cause something has been perfected.

Julie said...

red bricks