Saturday, June 20, 2009


#171, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn


Jackie said...

love the shadows. Feels very noir. Or maybe Poe.

Cause like you taught me, T:

Decapitations, poisonings, hellish not a bore
you won't need 3D glasses to pass beyond this door
Edgar Allan Poe
not exactly the boy next door

And- to add- this is something from the musical version of "Snoopy." Couldn't find any bearable productions of it on youtube. So it's the cartoon version. Grainy. Old. But about Poe nonetheless.

Therese Cox said...

Jackie - ahahaha! That's fantastic. One more for the Poe repertoire. For some reason, I think Balthrop should cover this one.

One thing I always loved about Peanuts was how unsentimental it was. How perfectly it captured the angst of childhood. The utter panic on their faces is amazing.

Julie said...

Like the depth and the shadows to the lower one. The top one is ... pretty ... sorry.