Monday, June 22, 2009


#173, Soho, NYC


Ray Gunn said...

A favorite. I can't quite say why. Something both strong and fragile about it, I guess.

Jackie said...

agreed. Maybe something about the faint trail of white paint over the number combined with the strong bold of the black outline. Ethereal... yet-- very present.

Therese Cox said...

Yes, this one is very human somehow. The more I collect them, the more I've grown fond of the hand-painted numbers. I always think about the person standing there on the sidewalk with the bucket of paint and the brush, about to begin. Do they use stencils? Outlines? Do they know their work is appreciated?

After a little while, those hardware store brass numbers look pretty unremarkable in comparison.

Miss you both, ladies. Thanks for following along.

Julie said...

Instant appeal. The wonkiness of it and the rock