Sunday, July 12, 2009


#193, NYC

#193, New Haven, CT

It's been heavy on pictures and a little light on words for the last few weeks, but I've got a few good words to spread before I crash out on my air mattress here in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The first bit of good news is that fellow Balthrop, Alabama band mate and resident artist Toxey Goodwater (known to some as Michael Arthur) has just had an article posted on the front page of the New York Times website. It's part of a new series the Times is running called "Happy Days: The Pursuit of What Matters in Troubled Times." If you've checked out our show live, you'll recognize the whimsical, energetic style of his drawings. Every night for the past five nights, I've had the pleasure of squeezing the old squeezebox in front of some of his projected drawings. You can also check out Michael's blog, Just Drawn That Way, which was (and continues to be) a big influence and inspiration for me as I started this project. Y'all should run over to the NYT and check it out. Congrats, Toxey!

Tomorrow morning we ship out to Fargo to play with our friend, the talented and very sweet Josh Ritter. And I've heard a rumor the Andrews-sisters-inspired trio The Bandana Splits will also be making a guest appearance. Got friends in Fargo? Tell 'em to come out to see us! In the meantime, best wishes from everyone here at Balthrop, Alabama. And don't worry -- I'm getting some good numbers on the road.


Jackie said...

wow, that was a stunning article in the NYT. The title of the series, "The Pursuit of what Matters..." also reminds me so much of what I like most about Balthrop-- the utter joy that exudes from each of you. I think we artists (I always feel a bit silly cataloging myself as an artist.. but, I digress) sometimes don't spend enough time talking about joy.

And on an unrelated note-- while many might associate the word "Fargo" with that murder story, I on the other hand cannot help but hope you look down the road often in such of the "Wells Fargo Wagon"-- and that many of you burst into song about this as frequently as possible. Like-- cover it. In your show. Tonight.

Hope you're having fun!!

Ray Gunn said...

I love these 193s, and not merely because they are from my home state. Although, that helps.

trowar: a minor domestic dispute that escalates into a sleeping-on-the couch scenario

Radge said...

I made a wooing attempt to the strains of Josh Ritter's 'Kathleen' not two nights ago.

If you're talking to him, tell him 'thanks'.

Therese Cox said...

Radge - I take it it worked?

Therese Cox said...

Jackie - I did see the Wells Fargo wagon. Well, I saw it on a sign anyway. Thought of you in any case. Having fun, yeah.

Ray - I feel bad about dissing the New Haven pizza, so this is my mea culpa.

Radge said...


Julie said...

I like the overflows