Monday, July 27, 2009


#208, Smith Street, Brooklyn

Proud home of Rocketship Comics. Stop by if you're ever in town.


greensboro Daily Photo said...

200-208 is quite an assortment of numbers. You have outdone yourself with the diversity of fonts, materials, mood of these numbers! Each one evokes such a different mood. If only you had time to write an opening sentence to a novel for each.

Ray Gunn said...

The perspective in this one is so peculiar, and I love the dislocation effect that it creates. If I wasn't so familiar with the building in question I'd still feel unmoored. Nice job!

plenette: a young woman who purposefully maintains a slightly chubby lower abdomen to enhance her youthful appearance

Pierre said...

I don't know why, but I had in mind an image of a narrow dingy room with dusty stacks of comic books on long folding tables and an unkempt store clerk watching something on a twelve inch TV. I found some sites on Rocketship and was surprised. It's a very nice art store!

Therese Cox said...

Greensboro - thank you for taking notice. I need the help of sharp readers like you to note points of interest since tour has been taking me lovingly away from my commentary. Good eye, as they say in baseball.

Ray - you wouldn't believe how many tries it took before I got that particular shot. It was a windy day and the canopy was blowing like nobody's business.

Pierre - the clerks there are quite kempt! Friendly, too. And yes, Rocketship is much more than a comic shop. They have an astonishing selection of comics, zines, graphic novels, and beautiful prints all over the store. I love wandering through there and getting cool gifts for my friends.

Julie said...

The canopy and the number (the colours) doesn't seem to gel with the description given in these comments.