Monday, November 2, 2009


#306, Upper East Side, NYC

Imagine seeing this looming over your head every time you walked inside your apartment. I don't know if there's an appropriate size for house numbers, but once they start getting bigger than my head, I get nervous. Despite my lingering fixation with numbers on this blog, in school I was a complete mathophobe (I'm sure there's a more elegant latin root for this phobia, but looking at long lists of phobias tends to convince me I have them all), and oversized numbers like this 306 are exactly the sorts of things that might have chased me in nightmares as I struggled to free myself from the pinching grip of a radical sign. Now, of course, I think they're fantastic and photogenic, ornaments scattered about cities just so I can find, admire, and collect them. Just don't ask me to balance equations and we should be fine.

Also, if you missed the weekend edition because you were out gallivanting with Dracula and stuffing yourself with sugary Tootsie Pops, be sure to check out #305 and put in those bids.


Adam said...

Well at least you'd never get lost...
How about Arithmophobia or Math Anxiety?

Therese Cox said...

True. Good for the nearsighted!

I'm partial to Arithmophobia. If it doesn't have "phobia" in it, it feels somehow... bereft.

Julie said...

Could cause a bit damage should a screw get loose.