Tuesday, November 17, 2009


#321, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

Countdowns of any sort tend to put me on the edge––3-2-1, etc.––but I am always a sucker for a sharp-looking 3.


designslinger.com said...

Speaking of countdowns and such, only 44 more days till #365, then...???

Therese Cox said...

:covering ears:

Therese Cox said...

But you're right, designslinger. Might be time to re-open the suggestion box. Once I'm done with all that denial, that is.

Ray Gunn said...

Now I have the theme song from 3-2-1 Contact stuck in my head. Thanks a bunch!

I love this one, btw. So sleek!

nesse: a certain something, synonymous with je ne sais quoi

Therese Cox said...

Ray, me too! Damn educational programming, being all catchy and stuff. Just start humming the Bloodhound Gang theme till it goes away.

Did you ever watch Square One? I still get that stupid song about tessellations stuck in my head from time to time. The ultimate earworm.

Julie said...

Yeah I can see the attraction of the perfection of the 3 but this is all design and no soul.