Wednesday, November 25, 2009


#329, Upper East Side, NYC

There was a far more elegant choice for today's 329, but I like numbers that feel forged in Vulcan's... uh, iron forging place. The fact that a disgruntled lady out on a smoke break accosted me as if I were crazy for photographing an otherwise forgettable, utilitarian building number gives this one that extra je ne sais quoi.


GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

Leave a copy of the number photo at her doorstep with the permalink for this photo online! Sheer terror!

Therese Cox said...

Yeah, I could get down with that. I'll leave it there with a Netflix case and the nail-biter "I Know What You Sneered at Last Summer."

Julie said...

Cannot cope with the layout of the numbers on (or not on) the lines.